Experience the best of off campus living in a private luxurious student home.  We believe safe, affordable, student housing is key to academic success.  We provide Binghamton University students with quality private homes in Binghamton and Johnson City.  If you are a Binghamton University Student or parent please call - we are a Prompt, Responsible, Service oriented company.


Luxury Safety Design

112 chapin 4 bedroom student housing

All of our student homes are private and have been updated from the inside out. New electric and heating, new furnishings all designed to maximize your off campus experience

Study in Comfort

97 floral ave 4 bedroom student house

 Our houses are conveniently located always on the bus stop, near shopping, restaurants and downtown 

Cook Relax Enjoy

71 murray 4, 5 or 9 bedrooms

granite counters, recessed lighting, stainless appliances and quality furnishings.  We want you to feel at home.